You Are Your Soulmate


The day you learn to love yourself
and not crave for anyone else to take care of you,
to treat you,
shower you with gifts ,
surprise you ,
ask you out for a date or
ask you for a dance.
The day you learn to love your own company .
The day you dance in your own grooves .
That day my friend …
that day none shall be hated,
none despised ,
none awaited,
and none expected.

Treat yourself with love , care and respect for you are the only one person who is going to stay with you for the whole of your life … in thick and thin !

Life Is Not A Battle


I think life’s not a battle.

In its entirety of 24 years for me its learning and growing.
I wish people realised the importance of being joyous , generous and tolerant as they moved up the education levels , as they passed  or even failed any exam in the hall or in life.

Lets vow lead by example , be the best we could be with whatever has been bestowed on us yet not to forget the values of atonement and compassion , for they don’t mean weakness . They mean nobility , which is a leader’s sign.
And for all those who have blindfolded themselves with prejudices, skewed notions of right and wrong …
I quote Mark Twain

” Never argue with stupid people . They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”. P.s – fight a good fight . – Ambika
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Live Laugh Love


One more day n its gonna be end of another chapter
One more day n its gonna be end of another role
One more day n its gonna be a fresh new page
One more day n its gonna be another day
The garland of expectations would be put around our necks ,
The tag of a ‘grown up woman ‘ on ur forehead,
The innumerable ‘should dos’ being told to u in hushed tones n unspoken glances ,

But all my friends….
Just sit there,
Open up ur rugged shoes ,
Lie on the sand n sink in

Sink in the wide expanse of the skies
In the thundering storms,
In the dense forests ,

Love yourself ,
pamper your soul ,
travel the places ashore…
Treat ur tongue ,
dance away the worries ,
fall in love making priceless memories… ❤ 🌈
P.s- paychecks, career , jobs they all can and must wait but your happiness can’t

Digging The Sand


Like stranded travellers on a lonely island ,
Like some lunatics who have lost their memory ,
Like two old people taking sifting through dust clad black n white albums …

We meet ,
Encounter ,
Cross ways ,
Every now and then

Revisiting the lanes whose address we have long forgotten ,
Looking at pictures , just so …
Just so , as if our hearts don’t want them to become a faded memory …

Like two poor children having no toys ,
We dig deep into the bosom of the earth
Of the soil
With a short , sharp edged wooden branch…
Digging and digging in the rain
The rain that blends with the tears on our faces ,
And we drink the salty residues of streams flowing on our cheeks .

Drenched in sweat we see what we dug
A small valley ,
Deep in the soil as in our hearts ,
Filled by our tears ,
Enriched by some dried , broken grasses of our dreams …

But still we sit in silence ,
For now we don’t need words ,
We sit and see the shining sun ,
The sleeping , dreamy , soothing waves
Filling the valley that
We dug !!!

@Ambika Bhan
10.50 pm 5 Jan 2017

Shine Through The Rain


There will be people and circumstances and your own weaknesses crowding your shine but be the sun my friend , be the bright sun and shine … your light sleeping through every dark vice this world throws at you .

Make that shine not an effort but the effortless nature of your character .
Just shine even when it rains .
The world shall witness a rainbow even in your tears !

Your Mind Is Your Temple


I hate the city and the chaos it creates,
I hate boggling my mind with small talk to what people say n think about u ,
I hate all those days when I am not intrigued by the wonders of this world ,
I hate those nights when my dreams aren’t creative bits of my imagination ,
I hate when I don’t smile through all the drudgery and monotony of life ,
I hate when my eyes don’t light up in brilliance at every new thing I learn ,
I hate when my voice isn’t crystal clear singing the songs of my heart,
I hate when my hands don’t move while I explain the lessons of awe and wisdom to people around me ,
I hate when I get bombarded by people’s skewed notion of what matters ,
I get frustrated by mediocrity ,
I hate when some days all that garbage piles up in my head and I can’t move on until I let it all out …
By talking , by laughing ,by writing , by being so loud …
That’s my way of cleaning my mind .
I would rather let my mind be free for new views and ideas to come and fly ,
I would rather stand a guard at the gates of my mind n soul ,
And kill every futile , small , worthless idea or thought … Weed out everything that doesn’t speak of knowledge , wisdom , beauty and love .
That’s the virtue I live by !

Before The Flood – The Earth Needs Us (To Stop)

Leave clean footprints

The worst thing that this world will tell you and that you have told yourself is, “be practical “, “relax”.
If human race had been so practical we wouldn’t have led our planet to destruction , we wouldn’t have manufactured wars , we wouldn’t have burnt our daughters and wives at stake , we wouldn’t have recklessly fostered greed among our selves chasing money and destroying the earth.

We wouldn’t have fed our children with our own fears and incapabilities to date and dream and achieve and believe that what seems a fairytale , is possible .
Fight for the fairytale , it does exist .
If anyone believes , thinks that the mess of our generation can be cleaned , the earth can be saved , the humanity be restored then YES it can ! And it must !
For we are the change.

And relaxing isn’t a way to escape , the more we relax the more our children will choke in the smoke of our sins .

Rise , shine , be a kid , mad , passionate , clean …. work hard to leave a better imprint on this world , a clean imprint , spread love and spread life , a voice is enough , an action more than enough . But lets act, lets dream and hope .
For that’s the legacy our children deserve !

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I Sung You Like A Verse


(From a writer to another writer . In a moment of chilling heights , warm tea , songs sung and conversations held .) 

I sung you like a verse from a forgotten poem ,
Like a stroke of brush from a faded canvas ,
Like a touch of life in a weathered sculpture ,
Mentioned you like a sacred prayer …

In the eyes that said a thousand words ,
In the smile that hid the secrets unknown ,
In the hands that held a crisp stone ,
In those seconds ,
I sung you like a verse from a forgotten poem .

I know you saw the sunlight on my face ,
I know you saw my closed eyes as I prayed in oblivion ,
I know you saw the tears that flooded my eyes ,
I saw you stealing me …
I saw your eyes betraying you .
That’s when I sung you like a verse from a forgotten poem .

Do you do these things usually ?
Do you warm up a cold heart ,
Do you write and conjure words for yourself ,
Do you protect what you deem to be yours ,
Do you let others sing you …like a verse from a forgotten poem ?

Like air , all pervasive , free , pure ,
I saw you heal me ,
I saw you covering me ,
I saw you holding my baggage while I flew amidst the clouds ,
I saw you letting me play while you watched ,
For all this , for all that , for all it felt …

-Athena (Ambika)
P.s – You owe me a lot of verses baby doll.

I sung you like a verse from a forgotten poem .

Writer’s Block


With each passing day, these words appear dull to me,
Dull like a dry patch of grass in the green expanse .
This paper stares at me with a sullen face ,
Sullen like all blood has been sucked through its veins ,
The pen no longer moves in the curves of slender bodies ,
It loiters , aimlessly in endless doodles ,
While the mind roams in a blind space …

Every answer to your tiredness first asks you a question ,
What ! Oh vermin are you tired off ,
And you cease to say ,’I am tired ‘
But I am tired ,
Of a journey sans destination ,
Of a path devoid of road ,
If steps around a huge circle taking me nowhere .

There have been pebbles I have picked en route ,
But the burden breaks my heart at times ,
And then there are mines ,
Which never cease to blast ,
Over and over again ,
With the same intensity ,
The damages sometimes everlasting .

And for a change ,
For once ,
I am not going to end the poem with a hope !

© Ambika (Athena)

A bird in a cage , doesn’t think about  the sonnets written for its sacrifice , nor the pride the golden cage holds .
The mind and heart block themselves away to hear only one song , ” the song of freedom and of flight “.
But then of course it’s a bird I am talking about … a bird meant to fly