Before The Flood – The Earth Needs Us (To Stop)

Leave clean footprints

The worst thing that this world will tell you and that you have told yourself is, “be practical “, “relax”.
If human race had been so practical we wouldn’t have led our planet to destruction , we wouldn’t have manufactured wars , we wouldn’t have burnt our daughters and wives at stake , we wouldn’t have recklessly fostered greed among our selves chasing money and destroying the earth.

We wouldn’t have fed our children with our own fears and incapabilities to date and dream and achieve and believe that what seems a fairytale , is possible .
Fight for the fairytale , it does exist .
If anyone believes , thinks that the mess of our generation can be cleaned , the earth can be saved , the humanity be restored then YES it can ! And it must !
For we are the change.

And relaxing isn’t a way to escape , the more we relax the more our children will choke in the smoke of our sins .

Rise , shine , be a kid , mad , passionate , clean …. work hard to leave a better imprint on this world , a clean imprint , spread love and spread life , a voice is enough , an action more than enough . But lets act, lets dream and hope .
For that’s the legacy our children deserve !

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Branding Divisive Patriotism


A play by the renowned writer Mahashweta Devi , DRAUPADI , Was yesterday enacted in Haryana University turning it into a battleground between right wing organisations and students. Its a story of a tribal woman killed in an encounter by special forces .

It is amusing how every prime time newsroom uses army as a brand for proclaiming a self defined and proffessed nationalism.
Why has it become a fashion for some to question a civilian’s patriotic credentials?
Your one post on facebook won’t make you more patriotic than every other citizen of this country .

What happened to the unsaid rule that the citizenry of a country stands with its forces no matter what ? While you explicitly try to show that your heart bleeds for all the lives lost , you very cleverly try to divide the masses , infuse in them a sense of hostility and suspicion.

Isn’t it easy ?
Human rights violence , rape or anything else … How subtly you link it to army and divide the nation?
Noone asks the question that needs to be asked . It’s not about the institution , it’s about men. Army doesn’t rape , men do . And no uniform gives anyone a clean chit affidavit of impeccable character.
You make it about pro n anti army ?
No one said …
More than the army its about rape, the brutual dehumanizing weapon in the hands of patriarchy and the State .
How cunningly the real issue gets lost in all the Newshours !
When we can question the legislature , the judiciary , the executive , the bureaucracy then what , what is so sacrosanct about the any nation’s army? Is it above the Constitution ?

I wonder when the pseudo nationalists will attack the Supreme Court for its recent ruling on AFSPA .
And this isn’t about Kashmir . Lets talk about north east a change .

Sometimes uniformity and vagueness is actually oneness . When you implicitly demarcate the invisible boundaries of Us vs Them then lines will emerge , cracks develop and organs severed .


Raghuram Rajan – The one Indians couldn’t afford

“Raghuram Rajan is no less patriotic ” – Pm on frankly speaking

Mr Modi ,
We don’t want verdicts from you or from any insane goons of yours on the patriotism quotient of Mr Raghuram Rajan or any Indian for that matter .
Stop being a baniya and calculating patriotism on the MODIMETER of yours.

P.s- We don’t deserve geniuses like Rajan.
P.P.S – stop selling nationalism.
Indians with Commonsense

Mr Swamy please go n settle on Mars . We need patriotic sermons there in case you know how to grow potatoes from your shit .

P.s – Watching Martian