The Quiet Of Indecision & Failure


Have you been quiet?
The kind of quiet after a storm ,
Where you walk through your ransacked home ,
Searching through the debris of broken dreams and a pile of failures,
Where you search for the pieces to build up a roof again over your head ,

Have you been quiet at nights?
In the wee hours ,
Tossing turning by a blank screen before your eyes ,
Where you consciously want to pick up a thought ,
The good , the bad , the imagined ones
And let it run like a movie ,
Till you fall asleep watching it,
But then you shut them all , away ,
And for a rare change you run , escape from the questions looming over your face ,
Unwilling to fight the inevitable …
You refuse to fret , to worry , to panic , to seek any direction …
All you do is sit on the devastated shore , soaking in the distant sun with closed eyes …
All you do is try drawing a line with your feet on sand …

A thin line trying to decide …
Nor to give up on that dream or deciding to let go and settle for the OK !
.©Ambika Bhan


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