Of Cropped Hair And Fierry Love


You have a thing for my neck ,
I have it for the short cropped hair .
I have a thing for how there are no long tresses ,
To hide my vulnerabilities to you ,
To cover up the point on my ear,
Where your lips sent chills down my spine,

How everything lies bare before you,
In all its true , pristine form .

I have a thing for how there’s nothing ,
Nothing on to the contours of those lands ,
Nothing in the cervix of the collarbone,
To give shade to you in the blistering sun,
Rather walk with you .

And how it is like the open sky ,
With a thousand stars in the darkest of nights ,
The stars which no shade can hide .

I have a thing for how you don’t have to remove any veil,
A veil of dark , luscious flowing hair ,
From my face ,
Or my skin ,
To reach me .
You are welcomed ,
For the soul and the body , its all your home.

I have a thing for the earrings you get me ,
Don’t have anything to tangle into ,
Like your love ,
Like an element complete in itself ,
Rising in its own glory , shining in its own beauty ,

I have a thing
for your love ,
for the wings you are to my dreams ,
for the freedom you are to my bondages,
for the purity you are to the soot of this world .
I have a thing for US .
© Ambika

The Silence Before The Storm


Are we the only ones anxious here ,
Moaning the loss of a battle not even fought ,
Or celebrating the winning of a war yet to take place .

Are we the only ones fearing here ,
Of a failure that may just never take place ,
Of a victory that sometimes seems just a mile away .

Are we the only ones here losing sleep over a thing which isn’t greater than life ,

If the madness is ok , isn’t detachment too a key .
If passion is ok, isn’t obsession an extreme ,

So what if ,

What if I hold on to the process ,
Fight a fair fight ,
And be detached from the goal ,
Would that bring us solace ?
Would it ?
© Ambika .