Ode To The Destroyer


To the one who breathes in me ,
In the destruction of my vices ,
And the resurrection of my virtues .
To the one who prevails in death ,
Rises in the synergy of creation .

The one who is for everyone yet belongs to none .
To Shiva and Shakti … May your union be eternally blissful for the universe and for this world .
May your light always shine in my heart and the million others too .

You Are Your Soulmate


The day you learn to love yourself
and not crave for anyone else to take care of you,
to treat you,
shower you with gifts ,
surprise you ,
ask you out for a date or
ask you for a dance.
The day you learn to love your own company .
The day you dance in your own grooves .
That day my friend …
that day none shall be hated,
none despised ,
none awaited,
and none expected.

Treat yourself with love , care and respect for you are the only one person who is going to stay with you for the whole of your life … in thick and thin !

What You Choose ?


What You Choose?

I see perfect couples all over ,
I see these fairytales ,
I see it from the eyes of a girl
I see one man showering her girl with joys and care ,
with a sense of security ,
and with a heartfelt love.
And then how smoothly they exchange vows, how easy was the transition…
How sometimes being satisfied can give you peace and clarity.
It fills me with this dirty , disgusted anger,
or maybe they are the pangs of hatred for something I couldn’t get …
They fill me with hatred ,
For the ones I see,
For the ones living that fairytale.

And then I look here , at my side …
The torment, the tide,
For that one moment of exhilaration,
The numerous nights of anxiety .
The constant fights with my own demons,
The fears of failure.
And yet another morning ,
Yet another day,
Wanting to battle it alone,
Wanting to build it alone,
For its my road ,
Its my dream ,
And I have stopped believing in supports,
I have stopped wanting my hands to be held,
For there have been to many aches,
too many broken dreams,
too much of efforts into a shallowness that returned me nothing ,

My hands might be cold
But that’s how they have been since long ,
Cold And Bruised when I wanted them to be held,
And now ,
They have healed … but just cold ,
So I warm them with my own breath ,
With the warmth of the shining sun ,
And I tell that lil girl in me

Fairytales are fables made with a man,
And legends my dear,
Legends are realities made alone .


Life Is Not A Battle


I think life’s not a battle.

In its entirety of 24 years for me its learning and growing.
I wish people realised the importance of being joyous , generous and tolerant as they moved up the education levels , as they passed  or even failed any exam in the hall or in life.

Lets vow lead by example , be the best we could be with whatever has been bestowed on us yet not to forget the values of atonement and compassion , for they don’t mean weakness . They mean nobility , which is a leader’s sign.
And for all those who have blindfolded themselves with prejudices, skewed notions of right and wrong …
I quote Mark Twain

” Never argue with stupid people . They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”. P.s – fight a good fight . – Ambika
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Respect Vs Authority


Sometimes people use “respect” to mean “treating someone like a person” and sometimes they use “respect” to mean “treating someone like an authority.”
And sometimes people who are used to being treated like an authority say “If you won’t respect me I won’t respect you” and they mean “if you won’t treat me like an authority I won’t treat you like a person.”
And they think they’re being fair but they aren’t, and it’s not okay.

And love … what they call love … its not what you say , its what you do and without respect it can never become a relationship.