How Do You Name ?


You think you can name it?
Or give it a vague , anonymous shade ?
You call it love ?
The promises, the carefully woven words, the kisses, the touch, the roses, the gifts , the poems, the care …
All a palace of cards !
You think you can frame it?
One day it becomes love,
The next day a fling,
Then an attachment ,
Then acquaintance,
And then just
the ‘other person’s desperation’.

I wonder how dark your soul could be,
I wonder how you face yourself,
I wonder what all can you put at stake ,
How many people . How many hearts .

And I wonder how do you name ?
How do you name Character ?
How do you name Trust ?
How do you name Friendship ?
How do you name Courage ?

And Above All Darling …
How do you name TRUTH ?
                   © Ambika Bhan


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