Digging The Sand


Like stranded travellers on a lonely island ,
Like some lunatics who have lost their memory ,
Like two old people taking sifting through dust clad black n white albums …

We meet ,
Encounter ,
Cross ways ,
Every now and then

Revisiting the lanes whose address we have long forgotten ,
Looking at pictures , just so …
Just so , as if our hearts don’t want them to become a faded memory …

Like two poor children having no toys ,
We dig deep into the bosom of the earth
Of the soil
With a short , sharp edged wooden branch…
Digging and digging in the rain
The rain that blends with the tears on our faces ,
And we drink the salty residues of streams flowing on our cheeks .

Drenched in sweat we see what we dug
A small valley ,
Deep in the soil as in our hearts ,
Filled by our tears ,
Enriched by some dried , broken grasses of our dreams …

But still we sit in silence ,
For now we don’t need words ,
We sit and see the shining sun ,
The sleeping , dreamy , soothing waves
Filling the valley that
We dug !!!

@Ambika Bhan
10.50 pm 5 Jan 2017


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  1. Prince of Persia is the best, i really like the lead actor and also the princess, the princess is very pretty.,

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