Is It Ok To Dream Of A Fairytale ?


Will it be a sin if ,
For a moment I dream of a fairytale .
Sometimes I am tired of being alone ,
Sometimes I wanna escape the burden of my ambitions ,
Sometimes I wanna let go of all the fear of getting my heart broken and my eyes wet ,
Sometimes , just sometimes , I wanna love !

Will it be Ok if for a moment ,
Late into the  cold lonely night ,
I dream of your warm hug …

Will it be Ok if for a minute ,
I close my eyes ,
And dream of having a home full of love …

Will it be Ok if
I smile and blush,
Thinking of all the best times …

Will it be Ok if ,
I pack my bags and ask you ,
Where’s the next journey baby?

Will it be Ok if,
I steal your sorrows and share your joys ,
If at all I fall ,
Will you fight the world for me ?

Will it be Ok if ,
If I can just dream that this can be true ,
If I give myself the right to call you mine ,

Will it be Ok ,
If I fall asleep in your arms while I dream all this …
If you find me smiling in my sleep ,
You’ll now know the reason ,
There’s a lil girl behind this strong woman ,
And if it’s ok darling …
Then promise me
© Ambika
1 Nov 2016 . 6.12 pm


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Menu Sharma says:

    Close to my heart….As if u wore my hrt on ur sleeves…Keep d gud work on..Wishes n much love..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you menu . Keep reading


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