How Do You Name ?


You think you can name it?
Or give it a vague , anonymous shade ?
You call it love ?
The promises, the carefully woven words, the kisses, the touch, the roses, the gifts , the poems, the care …
All a palace of cards !
You think you can frame it?
One day it becomes love,
The next day a fling,
Then an attachment ,
Then acquaintance,
And then just
the ‘other person’s desperation’.

I wonder how dark your soul could be,
I wonder how you face yourself,
I wonder what all can you put at stake ,
How many people . How many hearts .

And I wonder how do you name ?
How do you name Character ?
How do you name Trust ?
How do you name Friendship ?
How do you name Courage ?

And Above All Darling …
How do you name TRUTH ?
                   © Ambika Bhan

Live Laugh Love


One more day n its gonna be end of another chapter
One more day n its gonna be end of another role
One more day n its gonna be a fresh new page
One more day n its gonna be another day
The garland of expectations would be put around our necks ,
The tag of a ‘grown up woman ‘ on ur forehead,
The innumerable ‘should dos’ being told to u in hushed tones n unspoken glances ,

But all my friends….
Just sit there,
Open up ur rugged shoes ,
Lie on the sand n sink in

Sink in the wide expanse of the skies
In the thundering storms,
In the dense forests ,

Love yourself ,
pamper your soul ,
travel the places ashore…
Treat ur tongue ,
dance away the worries ,
fall in love making priceless memories… ❤ 🌈
P.s- paychecks, career , jobs they all can and must wait but your happiness can’t

Digging The Sand


Like stranded travellers on a lonely island ,
Like some lunatics who have lost their memory ,
Like two old people taking sifting through dust clad black n white albums …

We meet ,
Encounter ,
Cross ways ,
Every now and then

Revisiting the lanes whose address we have long forgotten ,
Looking at pictures , just so …
Just so , as if our hearts don’t want them to become a faded memory …

Like two poor children having no toys ,
We dig deep into the bosom of the earth
Of the soil
With a short , sharp edged wooden branch…
Digging and digging in the rain
The rain that blends with the tears on our faces ,
And we drink the salty residues of streams flowing on our cheeks .

Drenched in sweat we see what we dug
A small valley ,
Deep in the soil as in our hearts ,
Filled by our tears ,
Enriched by some dried , broken grasses of our dreams …

But still we sit in silence ,
For now we don’t need words ,
We sit and see the shining sun ,
The sleeping , dreamy , soothing waves
Filling the valley that
We dug !!!

@Ambika Bhan
10.50 pm 5 Jan 2017

Is It Ok To Dream Of A Fairytale ?


Will it be a sin if ,
For a moment I dream of a fairytale .
Sometimes I am tired of being alone ,
Sometimes I wanna escape the burden of my ambitions ,
Sometimes I wanna let go of all the fear of getting my heart broken and my eyes wet ,
Sometimes , just sometimes , I wanna love !

Will it be Ok if for a moment ,
Late into the  cold lonely night ,
I dream of your warm hug …

Will it be Ok if for a minute ,
I close my eyes ,
And dream of having a home full of love …

Will it be Ok if
I smile and blush,
Thinking of all the best times …

Will it be Ok if ,
I pack my bags and ask you ,
Where’s the next journey baby?

Will it be Ok if,
I steal your sorrows and share your joys ,
If at all I fall ,
Will you fight the world for me ?

Will it be Ok if ,
If I can just dream that this can be true ,
If I give myself the right to call you mine ,

Will it be Ok ,
If I fall asleep in your arms while I dream all this …
If you find me smiling in my sleep ,
You’ll now know the reason ,
There’s a lil girl behind this strong woman ,
And if it’s ok darling …
Then promise me
© Ambika
1 Nov 2016 . 6.12 pm