The Lies We Live


The Lies We Live
©Ambika Bhan

We are all searching pieces here …
of ourselves , of the ones we love … in people , in places , in stories .

We are all hiding aches here …
of battered childhoods , of shattered hearts , of tumultuous adolescent years , of a dreary dead youth .

We are all telling lies here …
of smiles that are more painful than tears ,
Of tears that are more soothing than smiles ,
Of relationships which are carcasses that we carry ,
Of blood that has been thrust upon us .

We are all creating illusions here …
Of a fairytale that we want our lives to be ,
Of a dreamyland that invades our sleep ,
Of a world built entirely of late night conversations with strangers .

And I hope we all just gather enough strength , just enough strength
To be able to shed tears for all the pain that’s about to pierce us ,
For sometimes its not wise to smile through the pain ,
For sometimes lets just be brave enough to accept our vulnerabilities ,
After all it takes a lot of strength to let yourself burn … and then melt …
Cry and fall ,
Burn and melt ,
Into a new light ,
Into a new life !

तू क्या हारकर, जीतने को चला है?
तू  क्या जीत कर, आज फिर लड़ रहा है?
  – तेरी जीत क्या है?  –
  – तेरी हार क्या है?  –
तेरी कोशिशों का
तेरी बंदिशों का
तेरे फैसलों का
तेरे हौंसलो का
  – आधार क्या है? –


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