Your Mind Is Your Temple


I hate the city and the chaos it creates,
I hate boggling my mind with small talk to what people say n think about u ,
I hate all those days when I am not intrigued by the wonders of this world ,
I hate those nights when my dreams aren’t creative bits of my imagination ,
I hate when I don’t smile through all the drudgery and monotony of life ,
I hate when my eyes don’t light up in brilliance at every new thing I learn ,
I hate when my voice isn’t crystal clear singing the songs of my heart,
I hate when my hands don’t move while I explain the lessons of awe and wisdom to people around me ,
I hate when I get bombarded by people’s skewed notion of what matters ,
I get frustrated by mediocrity ,
I hate when some days all that garbage piles up in my head and I can’t move on until I let it all out …
By talking , by laughing ,by writing , by being so loud …
That’s my way of cleaning my mind .
I would rather let my mind be free for new views and ideas to come and fly ,
I would rather stand a guard at the gates of my mind n soul ,
And kill every futile , small , worthless idea or thought … Weed out everything that doesn’t speak of knowledge , wisdom , beauty and love .
That’s the virtue I live by !


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