Branding Divisive Patriotism


A play by the renowned writer Mahashweta Devi , DRAUPADI , Was yesterday enacted in Haryana University turning it into a battleground between right wing organisations and students. Its a story of a tribal woman killed in an encounter by special forces .

It is amusing how every prime time newsroom uses army as a brand for proclaiming a self defined and proffessed nationalism.
Why has it become a fashion for some to question a civilian’s patriotic credentials?
Your one post on facebook won’t make you more patriotic than every other citizen of this country .

What happened to the unsaid rule that the citizenry of a country stands with its forces no matter what ? While you explicitly try to show that your heart bleeds for all the lives lost , you very cleverly try to divide the masses , infuse in them a sense of hostility and suspicion.

Isn’t it easy ?
Human rights violence , rape or anything else … How subtly you link it to army and divide the nation?
Noone asks the question that needs to be asked . It’s not about the institution , it’s about men. Army doesn’t rape , men do . And no uniform gives anyone a clean chit affidavit of impeccable character.
You make it about pro n anti army ?
No one said …
More than the army its about rape, the brutual dehumanizing weapon in the hands of patriarchy and the State .
How cunningly the real issue gets lost in all the Newshours !
When we can question the legislature , the judiciary , the executive , the bureaucracy then what , what is so sacrosanct about the any nation’s army? Is it above the Constitution ?

I wonder when the pseudo nationalists will attack the Supreme Court for its recent ruling on AFSPA .
And this isn’t about Kashmir . Lets talk about north east a change .

Sometimes uniformity and vagueness is actually oneness . When you implicitly demarcate the invisible boundaries of Us vs Them then lines will emerge , cracks develop and organs severed .



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