Shiva To Me – Shivoham


As my days are spent in sifting through the magnanimous cultural heritage of this land of sadhus and aghoris , a land of conch shells and snake charmers (I am proud to belong to the land of such mysticism and spirituality ) , a land of breathtaking art and architecture , I can’t help but stand in reverence and awe to the temples , caves , murals and sculptures of this land .

I have been a sucker for religious theories , temples , palaces , animistic traditions and all that surrounds it , the art , the architecture the mythical tales since childhood.
Born a Hindu , I think it to be a vague terminology with the plethora of traditions , sects , deities we have .

In such a long long time I realise I identify myself with Shaivism and some shades of Buddhism.

Its not the godliness that is enticing . It is the sheer simplicity of your dwelling , the perfect example maintaining attachment yet remaining detached from the vices of the cosmos and the world. Its the same for Buddha.

Shiva invokes a strange fire in me with just the perfect blend of subtle coolness. As a woman it is attraction , as a devotee is love , as a soul it is the reminder of detachment from what is materialistic and temporary,  as a warrior to fight your own vices , to become one with Shiva , as a yogi to invoke the energy chakras in us ,
as a lover to love passionately in full consciousness of the powerful force that love is .
As a rebel to accept others yet outshine your individualities in the ways you look irrespective of the perspectives society throws on you .
Shiva the aghori , the natraj , the one so docile yet so strong , the one denouncing everything yet holding the prakriti in his reigns and the moon in his hair .
The one contended with few drops of water people put onto him , yet holding the holy Ganges in his tresses .

“Fire in his head, the sun and moon his eyes , space his ears , the Vedas his speech , the wind his breath, the universe his heart. From his feet the earth has originated . Verily he is the inner self of all beings “.
Shivoham …


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  1. borisavidu says:

    That’s why India is so famous in other countries.

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  2. rprakashrao says:


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