To The Man Who Has Loved Me Even When He Hated Me


They say friendships grow into love ,
But it was a friendship day two years ago that casted a spell on us ,
We fell in love first and became friends much later ,
You said it felt like magic ,
It still feels the same ,
You said I am like your mirror ,
You still say the same .

That time we used to fight like nuts,
Well it’s funny … our well behaved fights,
How we never raise the decibels .

That time we cried , remembering old childhood pains ,
And then learning gradually to be comfortable in the crowd,

That time we shed the walls one by one ,
Like clothes on a wintery night,
Baring our souls , wounds and scars ,
Open to each other .

That time we grew tired of each other ,
And all those “butterflies in the stomach ” flew away ,
And yet we found solace in the old school kind of love ,

That time when everything was just about to end ,
Like a snap ,
And yet by some miracle we found our light again ,

And all those times we clung to each other despite this maddening distance,
Despite the fear of your safety,
Despite the never ending wait ,
Despite all the flaws we have ,
For all those times its worth it .

For all the times that you stood by me ,
Reading my mind without a spoken word ,
Believing in my strength , despite of knowing all my weakness ,
Loving me every way I crave ,
For all those times I thank you .

You thank me for all that I do for you ,
All I wanna say is ,
For US a thousand times over .

I will be waiting for you every time .

P.s – to the man who has loved me even when he has hated me .


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