Men Like These !


On the face of the earth walk men ,
Men who befriend you ,
In the real and virtual world ,
Requesting u for friendship that comes with a click of a button ,
Anything but friendship ,
Anything but love ,
They talk , chase you like you are some celebrity ,
Flattering your eyes , your photoshopped pictures …
Everything that runs skin deep ,
And then they vanish ,
Just like they had come ,
From above the surface …
Like dry flakes from your winter skin ,
They can offer nothing to your mind , to your soul ,
They are just those shots of vodka u take on a tiring day …
Let them go like leaves in the Autumn !

And then there are some ,
Very few ,
Who don’t beg for friendship or love ,
Who build it ,
Over time , with memories , with trust ,
with actions that speak louder than words ,
They are the ones who will smile n lift u up when u r in muddy waters ,
The ones who are just there , right there ,
They will rub every stone to enlighten rhe lost spark in you ,
They aren’t skin deep ,
They run deep into your soul ,
Spreading like galaxy in universe ,
Filling your voids ,
Being a part of your struggles ,
A companion in your journey ,
A partner in your madness,
With an unflinching faith in you ,

Cherish them , for they will make you conquer the world.

That’s what you are to me .
Thank you for being what you are . I am so proud of you .

P.s to readers – these are the ones who will help u arrange parties to all the people who only join u once u r successful n also to the ones who pointed fingers at you . Cherish them too ! They are your fuel and propellers to victory .


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  1. Meenu says:

    Hello ambika ! Hope u r doin well n r in high spirits…Though m antisocial n refrain myself from passive entertainment like social networking still I cud nt stop myself frm posting this after going thru ur dis post on fb….I lov reading wat u write n each tym u post smthin lyk dis a feeling of immense respect for u grows in my hrt …..u write actually wat v all r going thru irrespective of wat v keep on posting on social walls jus to boast off wat v r nt…much love…keep d gud work on …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot honey . You know these words of yours n others like you they keep me going n make me believe in my efforts


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