We Were Never Made For Each Other


(Dedicated to all those who were the perfectly ugly lovers. You were just beautiful in a crooked way. )

We were different , belonging to two different worlds ,
You were broad and tall , like a wolf straight from the Twilight saga ,
And me ! I was the small, short Alice from wonderland ,
It was never a match … it never will be .

While I lifted my toes to wrap my arms around your neck , they ached …
And it was quite an effort for you to hold my waist ,

To look into your eyes was looking into the sky , into the distant moon ,
that far you were … always ,
And it was indeed an agony to see you lowering your eyes to look into mine ,
Nothing perfect my dear !

And more so the dances ?
I could never match your pace ,
Your strong sturdy frame would sweep me off my feet ,
Taking away the ground which held me ,
As I panted frantically to balance …
Both my grace and my body ,
What a shame to the picture perfect dancing couples that fairytales are made of …
we looked like a scar honey !

Your arms around me were never the elegant man woman duo all want to see,
They were never the ornaments of elegance ,
I could never be a lady in them ,
Never have been !
I was held like a cub , muffled , snuggling in the warm blanket that had been put on me …
You see , we were never equals !

Oh ! And those kisses how can I forget them …
Never the comfortable pecks ,
Never like the ones that could make for a perfect frame ,

Yet somewhere in all these imperfections every time I stood before you ,
My head would just reach your chest ,
All I could was hear the rhythm of your heartbeats ,
All you would do is kiss my forehead …


©Ambika /Athena


2 Comments Add yours

  1. halfsouls says:

    nicely! define mismatch lovers ❤
    no worries how different v are but still love will never mismatch.

    Liked by 1 person

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