The Wrinkled True Love -Athena


To all the parents growing old and to the grandparents preparing to be born again. Coz well !  I believe in reincarnation.

“Let me take your wrinkled hands ,
To see the sands of time settled in those crevices,

Let me wipe the corner of your eyes ,
that ooze the light that has long shone over the horizon,

Let me tell you the end of every story you have ever told me
    “There is no better teacher than time
      And no better lesson than failure”

And also let me plead with my little hands ,



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  1. Harish says:

    Forget your past
    In addition, to move on
    Do not let it to hold you down
    Be happy
    To be alive
    Cherish the moments
    Do not let it die
    Life is like a candle
    Some burn slow
    And some fast
    No chance to make it to last
    Before you know it
    It comes to an end
    For some beginning and for some real end…

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    1. The post wasn’t a tale of some old lost love . But the live for ones old ones . Parents , grandparents .


    2. Thank you for comments


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