A bird in a cage , doesn’t think about  the sonnets written for its sacrifice , nor the pride the golden cage holds .
The mind and heart block themselves away to hear only one song , ” the song of freedom and of flight “.
But then of course it’s a bird I am talking about … a bird meant to fly

Raghuram Rajan – The one Indians couldn’t afford

“Raghuram Rajan is no less patriotic ” – Pm on frankly speaking

Mr Modi ,
We don’t want verdicts from you or from any insane goons of yours on the patriotism quotient of Mr Raghuram Rajan or any Indian for that matter .
Stop being a baniya and calculating patriotism on the MODIMETER of yours.

P.s- We don’t deserve geniuses like Rajan.
P.P.S – stop selling nationalism.
Indians with Commonsense

Mr Swamy please go n settle on Mars . We need patriotic sermons there in case you know how to grow potatoes from your shit .

P.s – Watching Martian

The Wrinkled True Love -Athena


To all the parents growing old and to the grandparents preparing to be born again. Coz well !  I believe in reincarnation.

“Let me take your wrinkled hands ,
To see the sands of time settled in those crevices,

Let me wipe the corner of your eyes ,
that ooze the light that has long shone over the horizon,

Let me tell you the end of every story you have ever told me
    “There is no better teacher than time
      And no better lesson than failure”

And also let me plead with my little hands ,


Born Naked


There is a certain beauty in being naked ,
A certain courage in ripping every shed of illusion , prejudice and sadness that binds you ,
A certain sexiness in admitting your wounds and letting them heal without a bandage ,
They make you a story when you do that ,
A story that some loathe but that’s difficult to ignore .