My Kinda Love Will Destroy You


Love has nothing to do with relationships. Love has nothing to do with adjustments . Its the sheer force to uproot the very notions of your existence . It’s the cyclone to upheaval your senses, your sane rational self. From the unlimited , bright light to lift you up from the trenches of gloom to the eerie dark pull to thrash you back in the dark alleys of sadness.

It is brutal, it is killing it is the destruction of your last ounce of ego , to the points of surrendering your self to the beloved and yet it is the unlimited freedom to soar like an eagle , invading the skies … and of course it is the string in between that eagle and your surrendered self , your vulnerable and the strong self , your enslaved and the free self …
The string that like a drug , defeats all your thoughts of breaking free , that still makes u return to your beloved, after each fight , each crash … Even if the beloved is the reason of this chaos .

Relationships are comfort , adjustments , those sweet candies that you sugarcoat with love and that you eventually lick , to reveal the barren vague and rather monotonous entity left behind . Just like the skeleton of a dead animal , a carcass lying amidst million views and insects . A carcass bleeding, rotting , being eaten up by the vultures , the Vultures Of Our Own Malice , the vultures of this world . Relationships are those crutches , those old rusted crutches.

Love is pure, pure in its entirety. Its pain and pleasure both are pure. The pleasure in seeing your beloved happy even if that happiness comes from stepping over your own heart.
The pain , pure pain , that pain which makes u howl, soiling your sheets in a bloodbath. … The same pain which apparently seems to be silent but tears your heart apart . !!!

Don’t come to me with the kind of love that brings only joy . My kinda love will destroy you , to pieces and I don’t show that love to you darling because you don’t have the strength to bear it .
And when you ask me how I know that ??
I knew it , saw it all those times , when the winds of this world were hitting my face , cutting across , bruising my soul and you didn’t dare to say for once …
,” Let Any Storm Come ! I Will See How Dare It Touch You !!! ”


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  1. pixietrumps says:

    synchrony …is scary.
    A very refreshing take, btw.

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    1. Thanks a ton . The intense emotions were what I wanted


      1. pixietrumps says:

        intensity in love you mean?

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      2. In all the emotions of a soul

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  2. pixietrumps says:

    Have you ever felt nothingness as a strong connect to the soul?

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    1. Haha , u struck the right cord buddy … I am in that nothingness phase these days , a feeling where I wanna rip away my soul from my body !

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  3. pixietrumps says:

    wow, never saw it in such aggressive light tho.. sounds fascinating 😀

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    1. It does really ! A bit too overwhelming to deal with sometimes .


      1. pixietrumps says:

        Well, it’s better than being numb and not reacting at all.

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  4. Sonu says:

    Woah, that’s intense. 👍

    (Ambika, mail me – I need to talk to you.)

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  5. Sonu says:

    Assuming that you don’t have my email ID, I’m writing it down here for you to contact.


    (Delete and do not publish this comment, after you read.)
    You can provide your mail ID on your blog so that ppl can connect with you.


  6. vibhash says:

    So nice written and well described the love. “Pal var my tut jate hai resty, par tut ta nhi y dil ka rista jo sadiyo se teray dil my tha,akhir y dil hee tho hai koi sisa tho nhi ” by vibhash 🙂

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      1. vibhash says:

        Please do roam in my garden of poetry,i will be highly grateful to you 🙂


      2. vibhash says:

        On a different note:
        I’ve walked out on a limb and nominated you for the 3-day quote challenge (day 3)!!
        Do check out my post and find your nomination there. I am so looking forward to reading your take on all this soon!


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