I Will Shine Forever

No one can rape your character , ur self respect … no one has the right to stifle ur thoughts , to hit u , abuse u … not even ur parents .
Be brutal now in defending your honour , be shameless , be selfish , be a beast but save your soul , defend your dignity , protect your truth , live your dream and your right to breathe free , even if the battle is against one’s own parents.

There is beautiful world outside , and not every parent is a messenger from god and neither is every outsider a threat. I have been lucky , a die hard optimist and I have met wonderful people , total strangers who have gone out if the way to help me and I am so thankful to them.

I am not ashamed of my failures , my wounds , my tears , my heart breaks , neither my mistakes … they are my lessons. I am not ashamed of the wretched childhood and an equally painful adulthood I have had. I am proud of the way I have endeared it. Proud of raising a little sibling to be a wonderful young n kind man that he has become.
I am not ashamed of telling my truth.

I have risen and I shall rise , no matter how profusely I bleed , I know my scars shall bear the tales of my bravery and valour and the perpetrators of those wounds shall be slapped hard … the more they hurt , the bigger hero they will see our of me. And that’s my promise .

P.s – No child deserves to sleep on a wet pillow each night.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. shea says:

    Hey Athena ,
    You know you are a wonderful writer and your words are magical , so deep, so true.
    And whenever I feel low or beaten its your blog which I read . you inspire me every time .
    For me you are a superstar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Shea ,
      Thanks for the awesome words. Readers like u keep me going n writing . Thanks a lot for appreciating
      Love ,


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