Mission Accomplished


15 Feb 2014 i asked the Indian army a question Do I Have it in me 24 Nov 2015 from chest no 25 … to 4 … to 4+ …to all India rank 2 …   to a medical rejection , to an appeal , and today to a final appeal 17 Feb 2016 it says a big YES

It was impossible without you sir . I owed it to u for all the time that you held my hand lest I fall and watched my every step

And to my lil brother who is my biggest strength, the one and only man I have loved unconditionally like a mother . My witness to all my pains and joys . I love you

And to you Mayank Yadav for believing in my abilities even when I started doubting them , and especially for preventing me from going insane. I love u .

And to the one woman who has loved me more than my mother . My masi . I love you to the core of my heart. I am breathing bcz of you.

And mom this is for all the pain you have endured in your life. Your smile will never stop after this . I hope i made u proud mum.

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