Conversations With Our Dream Catcher


On a walk with a friend I realised and learnt, people are not perfect , they aren’t meant to be. Their flaws are their identity as yours are. Their beauty comes in lil packages .
In those eyes that look at you apologetically when they know they have hurt you,
in the hands that catch you back when you get angry and run away from them ,
in the fingers that wipe away your tears when you act like a crazy insane wrecked person,
in the smile and the laughter that you break into when they imitate you,
in the chocolate cakes that they lick out of your fingers ,
In the dreams that they catches for you,
In the turns you take to open the silly doors,
In their agreeing for your never ending photographic pose,
In the way you hide behind them when a pack of horses scare you,
In the smoke you share over a sunlit boulder,
In all these million little things,
In all the cracked, tunes we sing,
In there, that’s where
I learnt
People are not perfect … Only their love is
Relationships are not perfect … only the wish to make it is !
2.27 am
20 Jan 2016


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