Are There Such Men?


Fuck you,” she said with a happy, cute annoyance.
“Really? Right now ?,”he blurted out
In Front of His Friend

It wasn’t intentional, but it hurt
A hurt enough to make one think,
The realisation of a man’s world ,
Not the men , novel and movies are made of ,
But real men ,
Joking and fucking everything and everyone that comes their way ,
Since when has this instinct been prevalent in them ,
Since when were they taught that they were men before humans,

Are there such men ?
Men with gentle gazes , men with subtle smiles ,
Men who are proud to love,
A love they express in verses, music n pictures
Even in extravagant romantic gestures ,
Men who are beyond the reaction that a female has on their body…

Are there such men ?
Men who think of a woman,
Not just a girlfriend, a wife , a crush …
But just as a beautiful soul,
Men for whom there is a woman they love ,
A woman strong in her beliefs and character,
A woman with dreams n labour,
A woman who trusts them ,
Not with her honour and respect ,
But with the sanctity and dignity of the relationship they share ,
A woman who is their pride , the perfect soul mate …
A woman who depicts what and who he is …

Are there such men ?
Who can love a woman like this ,
In the warmth of the bed,
Or in the big world instead,
In the privacy of their lives ,
Or in the open thriving jives,
In the secret cozy kisses and snuggles,
Or amidst a crowd that giggles

Are there such men ??

-Athena Ambika


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