UNSC is one of the highest decision making body over peace and security of a region. Originally it had 4 permanent members later china was included in 1963. Since then no reform has taken place. The UN General Assembly on Monday adopted a negotiating text by consensus for the long-pending Security Council reforms, setting the stage for talks on the issue at its 70th session beginning Tuesday, boosting India’s bid for a permanent seat in the revamped world body.

The question arises, why the reforms needed?

1.Geo-politics have gone a sea-change
2. Over 2.5 billion population has increased
3. Increasing threats from extremist groups
4. ARBITRARY utilization of power such as the US invasion of Iraq without UNSC’s authorization etc
5. Political bias over highly disturbed regions

Presently the 5 permanent members are all developed nations and consequently it has been seen that the interests of the developing countries are often undermined be it nuclear issues or climate change. India being a land off different communities and cultures would be able to project their view in growing discrimination over the world over various issues.

India’s support in the peace keeping mission has much more significance as compared to other member which shows willingness to create a peaceful environment in the world . In fact India’s peace keeping forces are more than those combined of the 5 permanent members.

India itself is facing territorial and border disputes with neighboring countries , a permanent position will further help to resolve this issue. The major opposition with respect to the grant of permanent membership is coming from China and Pakistan. Its imperative that the rising hegemony of China in the Asian subcontinent is checked or else there’s every possibility that we might head to a 3rd world war or even a cold war for that matter. Also the growing relations between china and Pakistan are not good for the overall world peace.

One of the largest and young democracy India has set an example as to the smooth and non violent transition of power into the hands of people. And the way it has been carrying out the processes and institutions of this democracy is commendable and shows India’s rise as a very capable and mature state.Apart from being the 3rd largest economy which has till now successfully withstood the global economic depression India also has the 3rd largest standing ARMY and is a Nuclear power state.And lastly India has made a mark for itself in the field of space technology , achieved a feat that was up till now the reserved domain of the P5.

Despite all this , if the US and China think that they shall hold India back from the UNSC it shows their insecurity and ill intentions to hold the power and misuse it as they have been doing till date. My India is a star and it shall shine the brightest as always . US n China or any despot for that matter can go to hell.


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