How My Boyfriend’s Ex Became My Good Friend


Sounds weird?? But it did happen to me. For one reason that I am essentially not a judgmental person. It all started with… of course a Facebook friend request but before that let me mention that my boyfriend had spoken to her about me and her reply was,”are you sure about her? If yes, then please don’t her.” 

So now why wouldn’t I look past the ex tag and see the wonderful lady that she must have been. So moving from facebook to whatsapp was a gradual step and thus began a teeny weeny exchanges of words and greetings, with an occasional compliment or two.  
Somehow I realized that I shared with this lady much more than phone numbers. I shared with her during different epochs of time, the man I was with. She knew him as closely as I know and that makes it all the more unique as this is something no one can categorize and qualify into a certain relationship.
And it so happened that on all the instances when I had problems with the Man she was the first one to come to me with a genuine and considerate helpful hand and advice. Of course she could do it better than anyone else as the beast that we sought to tame was ONE. It was more like roaming through the great school of Hogwarts holding an old friend’s hand and searching new pathways and juggling through the drifting staircases.
So why she became his ex was a question that would so naturally cross my mind. Whose fault was it? Why did it happen? Whatever the answer , the one thing I knew was that the glass through which we both had seen the Man was the same. The same set of positive qualities coupled with the same set equally annoying negative qualities…it all stood stark naked … the Vetruvian Man with all his virtues and vices. 
Amidst all this I found a good friend, a confidant, a lady with a genuine and wise outlook towards life… a partner in wisdom.Its just a matter of your patience and how efficiently you can ignore the otherwise so obvious vices. She chose to walk away because HE WAS NOT WORTH IT.
I, if ever choose to walk away, its obviously because HE WAS NOT WORTH IT.
I am yet to meet her but trust me I admire her for showing such maturity and integrity when it comes to dealing with people. I admire her for the amazing way in which she gave me reasons not to give up on my relationship. I admire her for being so upright and honest about what is right and what is wrong and even to the extent of telling me that no doubt you should love with all your heart but you should equally respect yourself and value your future if the guy isn’t worth it.
Because for once I know it well that she wasn’t the one to give up and neither am I. But somehow , may be sometimes IT IS WISE TO GIVE UP ON THE WRONG PERSON AT THE RIGHT TIME. 
– Athena 

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