The Real Family

A writer’s late night desk
The radiant skin , the shining eyes , the wide smile , the rushing tears … Nothing shall remain ,
And neither shall our ego, our status our bountiful health…
But one thing shall always haunt … Shall always linger , like a ghost , like the shadow of your old self …
One thing !
Losing the one who loved you with all their heart and soul ,
Losing those eyes that waited for a single glimpse ,
Losing those hands that prayed for your happiness,
Losing that heart whose only happiness was to see you happy,
One regret shall we all have …
When one day we stand at the afternoon n evening of our lives finding that noone really bothers , none really cares as they did and yet in the haughty arrogance of our youth , in the glittery world of the city lights , in the dripping drinks and the rising highs ,
In the puffs of smoke and the euphoria generated,
We forgot to treasure that hand which held us without a single word ,
We forgot to wipe tears from the eyes that cried for us ,
We forgot to lift the soul that bent down to support us,
We forgot to protect the love that was pure …
And in that moment shall we realise that not just have we been fools but cowards …
‘Everyone finds love , but only the brave know how to treasure it ‘
© Athena
P.s – Leave your home, go live alone and you will know who is your family and who isn’t.


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