Breaking Your Comfort Zone – First Impressions Of An Independent Life At 23


Breaking Your Comfort zone – First Impressions Of An Independent Life At 23
I moved to Delhi two weeks back and its a plethora of crazy emotions. Its not just for work that i have made this move , its for one simple and yet important reason – BREAKING MY COMFORT ZONE. 23 years of living under the protected arms of my mother it was imperative for me let it go because as they say,”life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.
So while I won’t proclaim to be strong or completely numb to the fact that as much as it was simple on the outside it was equally challenging on the inside. For someone like me who micro analyzes every small thing that runs in her mind it can be pretty daunting to move out of one’s comfort zone when millions thoughts run across. Thoughts of missing your loved ones, of having no friend, of having to learn the ways of big cities and of sheer anonymity.

Every night for the first few days was a saga of ramblings and rantings to go back home, with a million excuses for myself and each morning is a wake up call with a single statement – BREAK YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND LEARN TO SURVIVE
So from beating that odd feeling of seeing a lock upon the door when you arrive from work to maintaining that expressionless face while you travel in a metro , from getting used to no one waking you up to getting your own breakfast (which is always so dry without the special love of mom) its all those tiny little things in between that make you think ,”If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you have always got’.

And along the lane i stepped on some pebbles and spotted some gems. I picked them both. Gems as the proof that I have the spark in me and that the spark shines. The pebbles as subtle reminders that there are lessons that need to be learnt the hard way.
Each day is a new story with a million new faces that feel all the same and what amuses me is the thought that why do people here move like zombies going on a death trial. 🙂 Some sleeping, some sleep walking but all having one thing in common… the ‘LIFE IS A RACE SYNDROME ‘

The journey has just begun and all i know is,
My steps may falter,
My knees may get bruised,
I may lose my way,
I may lose my destination,
But i won’t lose myself and neither my words


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