My Definition Of What You Call Feminism- My Choice

I am not a feminist if you say that feminism is crushing men and dominating them to prove your superiority.
i am not a feminist if you think that a woman has the right to break a man’s heart and yet thinks that the same should not be done to her. I am not a feminist if you think that a woman can justify all her mistakes, all her perverseness and yet accuse a man of having a dirty mind.
I am a feminist not just because i believe in equality but because I believe more in freedom. Freedom to just be yourself without interfering in anyone’s right to be themselves.
I abhor the feminists that preach feminism as allowing a woman to make a career and money and at the same time discard every woman’s decision to leave a job and raise her children as submission.
From breaking the stereotype that a woman must be confined to the walls of the home to raising a new stereotype that a woman isn’t complete unless she juggles between a career and family and has become perfect at being the best of both we have further enslaved woman from the domains of the kitchen to the AC cabins of corporate offices.
I abhor this sham feminism or any other ‘ism’ for that matter which tells any human being what to do and what not to do. Its a big world out there for everyone. If at all anyone wants to make it better for a woman just break all the barricades that stop her from exercising her choice, her ideas, her happiness.
A woman chooses to dump a hotshot job and travel solo! Go ahead . A woman decides not to have children because her priority is being a top notch CEO! her choice. A woman wants to raise a family and enjoy her time with her husband or boyfriend instead of slogging at an office! Her choice.That does not and must not mean that she can’t do the rest of the things . It just means that SHE CHOOSES NOT TO.
For God sake let it be. The only thing that is required of you is STAY AWAY ! And stop making her feel as if she is an endanger animal who needs your protection.
Empowerment is a hoax and so is your sham feminism.


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