On hearing of the Dec 16 rape case my family exclaimed “why did she go alone at night n with her boyfriend”? Now the only difference between them n the rapist is that these people belong to educated urban middle class n myt not transform their thoughts to action but the rapist did …a slum dweller uneducated person . One of my “EDUCATED LONDON BASED” uncle says to his wife in a fit of rage … I wish u would be raped or better killed …n again …. The same difference …. WELCOME To INDIA My take on “INDIA’S DAUGHTER”

A documentary that is a mirror a portrayal of the Indian patriarchy and misogyny. While I am bound to draw the flak of many here on so called ‘outsiders ‘ shaming our hone India but still come on with it fellas for I don’t give a damn .

*to the ones who say it is glorifying rapists lemme tell you the documentary DOESN’T focus rape victims it just tried to understand why does a rapists rape. And yes CRIMINOLOGY does the same. So should it be banned?

*to the ones who say it will hamper and prejudice trial , i wanna ask why no one raised this argument when millions outside Delhi court were baying for the blood of the rapists . Wasn’t that amounting to affecting trial .

*the ones who say that a large chunk of society especially people like the rapist will be influenced by his statements n also the lawyers’, I think Bollywood with its munni n pinky does influence hell lot of people everyday . Why no ban on these shitty numbers ???
And also only a few people soul actually get access to the documentary given the fact that how many average Indians watch BBC ?

movies like RANJHANA are enough to glorify stalking .


*n those who says its a conspiracy to ashame India n the rapes all over the world are not shown lemme tell u that firstly the indian version of the documentary (that is mostly pirated) doesn’t have world statistics but the original bbc documentary has it n secondly that this case has been covered just coz of the huge agitation that followed up the case which has not been seen across the world .

This thinking of ‘it needs 2 to clap ” “decent girl ” has existed in India long before this documentary . N its not only MUKESH but our godmen our parliamentarians our families which echo the exact same dialogues . Rape in Indi I a means to teach a lesson to the women …a revenge …thats what I saw in the movie BADLAPUR today . There is a sudden and shocking SAMENESS & SHAMEFULNESS’. From politicians to khaps that sanction gang rape …from police custodial rape to the Army accused of rape in JnK n northeast its all pervasive . The film only tries to understand n reflect how ordinary men are capable of brutuality and still remain unaware that they have done something monstrous .


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  1. pixietrumps says:

    What are the roots of human brutality? What if we ourselves are capable of certain acts of brutality and remain insensitive of it all the while; hence never knowing it is something wrong we have done.
    In the documentary, that man was scared, but in no way did he look ashamed.
    Of course, we could dish it off as evil, but as you pointed out, what of the people you Know are not evil and yet hold the same mentality? It’s like how slavery was treated as common and somehow it’s insensitivities got normalised to everybody.


    1. Exactly . Our notions of just and legit are so ingrained by the social setup … that we fail to see the natural laws and ethics that are above us all .


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