I will have to begin this adventure, this dream,  from its end because as they say ‘ends are new beginnings’. an afternoon which was an afternoon since the morning itself , where each second that ticked away was a reminiscent of the hours spent together and an ultimatum of the little time left . 
  And what made the afternoon worse was the distance , albeit a short one . a distance that she knew very well , could be  covered … could be shortened … could be vanished . 

and the volcano inside her needed just a flicker , just a syllable of his voice to seep , no , not seep …to flow … to rain through her cheeks . to rain through her heart , her soul .

“I am coming !” , she exclaimed 
” honey its too hot outside , and i cant meet for more than 5 minutes , and it would take you 1 hour to reach here ” , came the voice .
“screw it all , no matter what i am coming !”, she said with a conviction unshakable .

zip , zap , zoom and she was out on the road , trying to find something for him … something that could symbolise and embody her prayers , her blessings for him , to keep him safe . 

and inside the crowded train somehow she squeezed herself to find a seat , took out a pen and could find no paper so just scribbled onto an old advertising paper and wrote a poem for him … a last message before they could again hold each other after another 6 months . 

a halt onto a midway station and off she ran to luckily find a small portrait of lord krishna and what else did she need … other than the lord himself , the soulmate of radha … to pray for her love , to bless him , to keep him safe ffrom all that was about to happen . to keep her love safe .

and after 1.5 hours she got his glimpse. those impatient eyes , as if seeking what she had got for him kept on asking so many questions .
“you looking so fair , so much more cuter “
 “what have you got? ” , he had asked 
“nothingggggg , stop snatching my bag , u shouldn’t check a girl’s bag “, she said while trying to stop him .
they hugged , held hands, and just tried to capture , to hold every single second that could make them feel alive by the touch of each other’s skin … and the soft texture of the skin … it just seemed to traverse through her veins , into her blood and deep through her heart and into her soul … and no matter how much she stopped those stupid drops from falling they just .. oh ! when have they ever listened to her ? they just fell . a lil here , a lil there . 

And after those few minutes , it was THE TIME … the time to leave !

“may i go ? “, she said 
and those few seconds , she could never explain into a million words . His eyes … !!!!

Eyes are strange things . 
a pair of eyes that were too common to belong to anyone special 
a pair of eyes that you could just mistake as belonging to everyone , 
and yet ! yet those pair of eyes were now her world …
her reflection , her living embodiment of the love that she felt for her ,
those eyes that were her life , that just had a light …
a light that could brighten her darkest nights , 
those eyes that were more royal to her than to him , 
that defied him and obeyed her , 
talking to her , revealing his moods , revealing every secret he wanted to hold back , 
moistening every land that he wanted to leave barren ….

His voice that said ,” ok , please take care love .”
but eyes that pleaded ,” dont go ! stay back ! and hands that just twitched in her palms … hands that held her . 

i love you baby ! 
i love you too ! 
” promise me that you will write . that you will take care of yourself , u have my heart , take care of it and bring it back safely to me . “, she whispered . 

teary eyes , putting up a smile , pursing lips together , and a heavy breath she turned around 
and he stayed … stayed… opened up that lil letter , that lil parcel .

she kept on looking back … she kept on looking at her life … her heart which belonged to him , only him !!!!




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  1. nice written in true words….


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