THE bird stayed in the nest … the tiny little creature
with wings weak and heart scared ,
she listened to the tales of the faraway lands ,
from the ones that flew past her , from the winds that ruffled her feathers , from the leaves that flew in that wind …

and she closed her eyes each night dreaming of the distant lands ,
the deserts , the mountains, the snow clad peaks , the rainforests….

and one day as if from the heaven’s above shone a bright light …
warming her dull feathers …
it said though with a word of wisdom ,” oh little birdie , why ? all you want to do is just hear , sleep and dream ? go ahead my child !!! spread these dull wings
for the winds will fill it with life …
for the rain would clean them …
invigorating them with life a vitality ,Fantasia Painting

u will miss this nest ! u will miss the sleep !

but as they say my lil one
” The boats are safest at the port , but that’s not where they are meant to be “


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